7 Tips To Be A Good Professional Photographer

If you are inside this blog, it is because you surely like photography. The question is whether you like it as a hobby or have you thought about dedicating yourself to it professionally. If you would like to become a great photographer, or be your way of life. Today we are going to list some of the keys that make a photographer a professional.


To be a good photographer it is always necessary to have a good base and training . It is clear that in history there have been great photographers who never studied photography, but not all of us are born with a gift and knowledge will help you to enhance your qualities. You must learn about composition and technique , focal distance, opening so the path will be much simpler. And of course your photographs will have much more level.


Do not copy , you must be original is the only way to succeed. Going to Workshops can be productive and worth to acquire experience and technique. But it really is not the main thing, learning a specific technique to end up copying it is not the end itself.

It is much better to spend time experimenting and finding your own style. With this we do not mean that it is a waste of time, but rather values ​​with care in which courses you invest your time and your money, and if the acquired knowledge can be applied to your own style.

Explore with creativity and imagination to find a unique and original style that differentiates you from the rest, that will be your greatest strength, your distinctive and what makes a professional.


Like it or not, create your own brand and sell it well, it will make your photos better. A large part of your clients do not understand photography, and they do not value the quality of a job. Not all, but a recognized brand makes your work acquire a value. You must dedicate part of your time to this part of the work, you will be able to raise the prices and invoice more.

Invest in advertising, your time and your money. It will make you gain visibility and recognition. Create your own website with a careful portfolio, create your professional Facebook page, it is as important as your photography team. If you want the public to trust you as a professional, you must have all the tools available to a consolidated company. Generating confidence and also attracting the public to your work.


Specialization is fundamental, the public needs to have confidence in the person they hire . In the world of photography is translated as follows, it is preferred to a photographer specializing in a particular subject rather than a generalist one.

Focus On A Specific Audience

It comes derived from the specialization, the more you define your audience, the easier it will be to sell them the specific products that you have thought for them.

Each person has specific needs and trying to sell the same product to anyone does not make sense.

Work Your Personal Brand

It is much more important than it seems, work with colleagues, create synergies and collaborations will make your personal brand better. It’s worth spending a bit of effort on this.

Calculate Your Rates Correctly

It is one of the biggest mistakes photographers make when they start working. Some of the most common errors in relation to rates are:

  • – Put low prices, because you’re starting. Your work has a value and a quality that you must reaffirm through its price.
  • – Do not include the costs of repairs and wear of your equipment. The team needs revisions and tuning. This should be taken into account from minute one, and include these expenses in your annual expenses forecast.
  • – Do not take the price of your competition as a reference. Each one delivers a different kind of work, you should not take it as a reference.
  • – Do not include the time you need to manage such as backup copies, billing, management . This time you should count it but in the end you will be losing money.